Help us to make the world a better place for Musicians

SAMSA supports South African musicians because we want to keep the music playing! We welcome the participation of all music lovers from doctors and lawyers to auto mechanics, guest houses and even other musicians. So, if you can donate funds, services or information that will help our artists thrive, let's talk, let's get creative.

For example, you could contribute by:

Offering artists a discount at your store or practice.

Sharing valuable information in a guest blog post.

Joining our Artist List and sharing your Events on SAMSA Music Scene.

Collaborating with SAMSA for a concert or other event.

Of course, you could simply make a donation.

South African Donations:
Bidvest Cheque Account
SA Musicians Support Association
Account Number: 21406791401
Branch Code: 462005



Questions? Ready to strategize? Please contact us to get the ball rolling.

SAMSA is an NPO and NPC with a Board and Executive Team made up of passionate music fans, industry professionals, musicians, journalists and organisations involved in the administration and production of music.


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