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SAMSA is about music lovers and musicians working together to keep South African artists on their feet, doing what they do best. You can help now by contributing funds or services. Artists, venues and event organisers can also get involved in other ways. Got ideas? Let’s talk.

Musicians, you can also participate by adding your music, videos and details to the SAMSA Music Scene Artist List. Submit events, too. Agents and managers, you’re welcome to add your rosters. Your participation will help us when we approach corporations and foundations for funding. Help us help you!

If you have any questions or would like to discuss a collaboration, contact Teresa Barber.


Who is SAMSA

South African Musicians Support Association is a Non Profit, Voluntary Organisation with a Board and Membership made up of passionate music fans, industry professionals, musicians, journalists and organisations which are involved in the administration and production of music.

Why does SAMSA exist

A musician’s life, and the lives of their support staff, can be unduly challenging. You work long hours and often travel extensively for little money and fewer benefits. An unexpected expense, such as a medical emergency, can severely impact your ability to look after yourself and your family. We are here to share the burden so that you can focus on your art and we can continue to enjoy your creations.

How you can help

In addition to funding, musicians need access to musical equipment, accountants, healthcare professionals, auto mechanics, travel agents, insurance providers, marketing and PR experts, and more. If you can help, please contact Teresa Barber to get started. Thank you!

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